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Organic Bone Broth Protein

How long is this product intended to be taken for? Bone Broth Protein is intended to be taken daily, in accordance with the advice and guidance of your primary healthcare practitioner.
What is the dosage on the label? 1 level scoop, approx 22.25 grams. There are 20 servings per container.
Do I need to mix and consume Bone Broth Protein within 15 minutes or is it okay to make a batch in whatever recipe that interests me and store it to drink throughout the day? It is ideal to mix and create one of the many recipes available to you with Organixx Bone Broth Protein, and consume immediately. However, for those that are more time-pressed, it is perfectly fine to mix a batch for the day and drink it periodically. Storing in the refrigerator between sessions is best.
Is Bone Broth Protein gluten free? Yes, each Bone Broth Protein formula is tested to be free of gluten.
Does Bone Broth Protein contain any common allergens? Bone Broth Protein is shellfish free, dairy free, soy free, egg free, nut free, and yeast free. If you are sensitive to corn you do not want to take this product.
Is Bone Broth Protein Kosher? None of the Bone Broth Protein formulas are certified kosher. While there are no pork or shellfish ingredients, Bone Broth Protein is not made from kosher chickens.
Are there any preservatives in Bone Broth Protein? No.
Is Bone Broth Protein organic and GMO free? Our product is tested to be free from GMOs and is 100% USDA Certified Organic
Is Bone Broth Protein vegetarian or vegan? No.
What is the specific amount/ratio per serving of each ingredient? We do not give information on individual quantities of ingredients in proprietary blends other than what is listed on the label.
Why are Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum used? The Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum were added to enhance the texture. 
What is the source of the sodium listed on the label? The sodium is naturally occurring. We do not add any sodium or iodized salt to the formulas.
Are the chickens used in the Bone Broth Protein free-range? The chickens used in our Bone Broth Protein contain no added antibiotics or hormones. However, we cannot guarantee they are free-range.
Is there a reason only chicken bones are used? Chicken bones are the most suitable source for our desired form of collagen (especially Type Two collagen) and provide the highest levels of glycosaminoglycans such as glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid.
How are the chickens raised? Our chicken is from non-GMO Chicken bone broth. While we are not involved in the feeding and care of the chickens, the bone broth we use is tested for all heavy metal, pesticide, herbicide, antibiotics, molds, e-coli and other environmental toxins.
Why do you not add vegetables and herbs to your bone broth? You are free to add whatever spices or herbs or veggies to our broth. We do not add these because some people need a clean, pure bone broth protein source.
Are the chickens given hormones of any kind in any way? No, as poultry in USA are not given hormones in their raising.
What does the Plain Bone Broth Protein taste like? The pure formula has a very mild, neutral taste and is easy to mix into a wide variety of recipes and smoothies or right into water or juice.
What are the chickens fed? We do not provide information on what the chickens are fed, however the product has been tested to be GMO free.
What color should the content of the product be? The color may vary between batch as this is a natural product.
How is this product low fat? Bone Broth Protein is strained for only the protein
How is the Bone Broth Protein different than just dehydrated bone broth? Bone broth protein is highly concentrated, providing 20g of protein in a scoop.