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Question Answer
How long is this product intended to be taken for? These products are intended to be taken daily, in accordance with the advice and guidance of your primary healthcare practitioner.
What is the dosage? 1 Scoop, approximately 8.5g
Are there any known side effects? As everyone's body is different and can react differently we advise that you consult with your trusted healthcare practitioner before taking a new supplement.
Is this given on an empty stomach or with food? Can be taken on either an empty stomach or with food.
Can I give my child Clean Sourced Collagens? Yes. Clean Sourced Collagens can be given to children age 4 + and should always be administered under adult supervision. We always recommend consulting with your healthcare practitioner prior to starting a new dietary supplement or program.
Is Clean Sourced Collagens organic? No, it is not certified organic.
Is Clean Sourced Collagens gluten-free? Yes it is free of gluten
Is Clean Sourced Collagens GMO-free? Yes, it is free of all GMO's.
Is Clean Sourced Collagens Kosher? No, it is not kosher.
Is Clean Sourced Collagens Vegetarian or vegan? No, this is not a vegetarian or vegan collagen.
Is Clean Sourced Collagens dairy-free? Yes, this is a dairy-free product.
What kind of Vitamin C do you use? The quality of vitamins matters. Using low-quality synthetic vitamins might make the “supplement facts” look good because you can put enormous amounts of a vitamin into a supplement for cheap, but the body can’t process and use synthetic vitamins nearly as well as a whole food supplement. Our Vitamin C is from the amazing source of Acerola Chery and Camu Camu.
Are the vitamin C sources low acidic? The vitamin C in our Clean Sourced Collagens formula is sourced from Acerola Cherry and Camu Camu. Both contain high amounts of ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid, being acid-forming in the blood, will acidify the blood. Ascorbic acid is essential in maintaining healthy connective tissue and is also thought to act as an antioxidant.
Where is your Silica from? We get our silica from Organic Horsetail.
Does it contain any common allergens? Eggs? Contains fish (wild-harvested Alaskan Pollock) and Eggs.
What food source is the collagen from? (beef, chicken, fish and eggshell membrane) Grass-Fed Pasture Raised Bovine, Chicken, Wild Caught Alaskan Pollock, Eggshell Membrane
Where are your ingredients sourced from? We don't provide this information at this time. Please refer to sources of Collagens listed above.
Which types of collagen are in our product? In order to deliver everything your body needs, we don’t just use one type of collagen, our Organixx Clean Sourced Collagens contains Type 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10.
 How “Clean” are the Collagen sources?  Our beef is from grass-fed pasture-raised bovine from Argentina. Our fish is Clean Marine Wild Harvested Alaskan Pollock. Our Chicken is from non-GMO Chicken bone broth.
 How are the chickens raised?  Our Chicken is from non-GMO Chicken bone broth. While we are not involved in the feeding and care of the chickens, the bone broth we use is tested for all heavy metal, pesticide, herbicide, antibiotics, molds, e-coli, salmonella, and other environmental toxins.
 Are there any preservatives in the Collagen?  No, there are no preservatives in Collagens.
What is Collagen? We have a few articles that may help: https://organixx.com/what-is-collagen/ and https://organixx.com/types-of-collagen/
Can it be added to a hot liquid? Collagens can be added to Hot or Cold liquids.
How do I have to store it (dry, cold,)?  Store in a cool, dry place.
What are some of the benefits this product provides? Healthy teeth, thick hair, smooth skin, and strong cartilage. Here is a great article which provides more information https://organixx.com/what-is-collagen/
Where is it manufactured? USA
How is the Collagen processed? It's a hydrolyzed protein.
Will taking this cause the body to decrease production of collagen? Collagen production naturally decreases as we age. The FIVE types of collagen in Clean Sourced Collagen are designed to stimulate your body's production of collagen - making your skin, joints, bones, etc. healthier within.
Is the container free of contaminates? Yes, the container is free of contaminants such as BPA.
What does it taste like? Our Clean Sourced Collagens is tasteless, odorless, and flavorless. This means you can simply mix it into a plain glass of water, your favorite juice or smoothie, and even any of your favorite hot beverages like coffee and tea.

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