Lost/Stolen or Damaged Packages

  • Lost/Stolen Packages
    • Organixx will not be responsible for packages that are lost or stolen, where the tracking link shows the package has been delivered. 
      • Organixx will not contact a courier on your behalf to find a lost or stolen package as we do not have the resources to cover this. We have found that couriers prefer to speak with the customer, so the customer will need to contact the courier to find a lost or stolen package.  Be sure to ask for the geo-location proof that your package was delivered.
    • We will reship packages that according to tracking never arrived within the proper shipping time.


  • Damaged Packages
    • Organixx will be happy to re-ship to customers whose packages arrived damaged and is the fault of the courier.  
    • Damaged packages or products caused by customs inspections may not be refunded or re-shipped.