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Question Answer
How long is this product intended to be taken for? Daily Detox Powder is intended for daily use and there is no particular time frame as to how long the Detox powder can be taken. However, we do suggest working with your trusted healthcare practitioner to determine what would work best for you.
How do I use Daily Detox Powder? Adults mix 1 scoop daily in 8-10 ounces of water, or your favorite juice or smoothie.
Is Detox Powder safe for pregnant or nursing mothers? Expectant and nursing mothers can detox safely with the help of a medical professional.
Can this be mixed with hot liquid? Yes, Detox Powder can be mixed with hot or cold liquids.
Is this product vegan? Yes, Daily Detox Powder is Vegan.
Is this product vegetarian? Yes, Daily Detox Powder is Vegetarian.
Is this product dairy-free? Yes, Daily Detox Powder is dairy-free.
Is this product Keto-friendly? Yes, Daily Detox Powder is Keto friendly.
Is this product gluten-free? Yes, Daily Detox Powder is gluten-free.
Is this product certified USDA organic? Yes, Daily Detox Powder has been certified USDA Organic.
Is this product free of all GMO's? Yes, Daily Detox Powder is free of all GMO's.
Are there any known allergens in this product? There are no known common allergens in Detox Powder. However, if you see an ingredient in this product that you are allergic to or have had reactions to in the past we caution you to check with your trusted healthcare professional before taking.
How long does one package last? There are 30 servings per package. The length of time it will last is determined by how often it is used daily and by how many people in your family.
Does Detox Powder have any known side effects? While there are no known side effects, everyone's body is different and can react differently. We advise that you consult with your trusted healthcare practitioner before taking a new supplement.
How do I have to store it (dry, cold,)? Store in a cool, dry place.
Where is it manufactured? Daily Detox Powder is manufactured in the USA.

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