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How long is this product intended to be taken for? These products are intended to be taken daily, in accordance with the advice and guidance of your primary healthcare practitioner.
What is the dosage? Adults take 2 capsules per day with 8 oz of water or juice. May be taken with or without food.
If I open the capsules and put the powder in water or juice will it still be effective? Yes, however, once you open the capsules and liquid touches to probiotics, they will begin to come out of their dormant state and will begin to break down whatever substance they are in. Then once their food is consumed they will begin to die off. Answer to this is, open the capsules, put them in water or food, and consume them quickly.
Is ProBiotixx dairy free? ProBiotixx cultures may have been made with a trace of dairy, but there should be no residual dairy proteins in the product.
Is ProBiotixx soy free? There may have been some amounts of soy in the fermentation medium, but that should be fermented out at the end. ProBiotixx does not have ingredients in the finished product derived from soy.
Is ProBiotixx GMO free? There are no genetically modified organism containing ingredients added to ProBiotixx.
Is ProBiotixx organic? No.
Does ProBiotixx contain any other common allergens? ProBiotixx is egg free, shellfish free, nut free, yeast free. There are no gluten containing ingredients used in this product. It does contain Sprouted Purple Maize (Zea mays) which is Purple Corn.
Is ProBiotixx vegetarian or vegan? ProBiotixx is vegetarian, but not vegan.
Is ProBiotixx Kosher? No, not certified kosher; however it does not contain any "non-kosher" animal foods.
Are there any preservatives in ProBiotixx? No.
What is the specific amount/ratio per serving of each ingredient? We do not give information on individual quantities of ingredients in proprietary blends other than what is listed on the label.
Does this formula survive the stomach acid so that it can reach the intestines? Yes, because the majority of the probiotics are in their spore form, they do survive stomach acid.
What size are the capsules? Narrow capsule shape. 7.85mm x 21.5mm.
Doe this contain prebiotics? ProBiotixx contains certain fermented food substances that act as prebiotics but does not contain traditional prebiotic fiber.
How many strains are in ProBiotixx? There are three powerful plant and soil based probiotic strains included in ProBiotixx:
Bacillus coagulans - supports the immune system; supports general digestive health.
Bacillus subtilis - provides beneficial effects to the digestive system and helps maintain the balance of good probiotic strains.
Lactobacillus plantarum - supports the immune system.
These three powerful probiotics work together to support your digestion, maintain your immune system, and maintain digestive balance.
What medium do you use to initiate the fermentation process? The microorganisms in the product utilize certain culture mediums that are proprietary and not available to the public.
Are the three strains mixed together before or after freeze drying them? Each of the three probiotic species in ProBiotixx are individually dried and mixed once they're dried.
Does ProBiotixx lose its potency if it is not refrigerated? Probiotics that come from dairy must be refrigerated. That’s why ProBiotixx is formulated with a plant and soil based probiotic blend.
Because of this, ProBiotixx does not require refrigeration. So if you’re traveling, you can still take it with you. And if the power goes out for some reason, you don’t have to worry about the probiotics “dying off.”