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What is the dosage? Adults take 3 capsules per day with 8oz of water or juice. May be taken with or without food. Advanced Use: Adults take 6 capsules per day with 8oz of water or juice.
What is the advanced dosage for? In some cases, people want to take more than the standard amount, so we provide guidelines for advanced usage. Organixx cannot diagnose, treat or give you advice regarding your health and individual use of our products. If you have questions regarding individual use of our product, please consult with a physician or specialist.
How long is this product intended to be taken for? These products are intended to be taken daily, in accordance with the advice and guidance of your primary healthcare practitioner.
Is it okay to open the capsules and add to water, juice, or a smoothie? As long as the water is not boiling, it should be fine to dissolve. Heating it excessively can damage some of the water soluble vitamins and some of the enzymes.
Is Multi-Vita-Maxx gluten free? Yes
Does Multi-Vita-Maxx contain any common allergens? Multi-Vita-Maxx is shellfish free, dairy free, soy free, egg free, and nut free. Multi-Vita-Maxx is not yeast-free because some of the vitamins in Multi-Vita-Maxx are grown in saccharomyces cerevisiae. It does contain Sprouted Purple Maize (Zea mays) which is Purple Corn.
Is Multi-Vita-Maxx vegetarian or vegan? No, Multi-Vita-Maxx is not considered vegan or vegetarian. Cholecalciferol is our source for Vitamin D3 which is found naturally in significant levels in certain fish, eggs, and lanolin from sheep’s wool.
Is Multi-Vita-Maxx GMO free? Yes, we do not have any ingredients that contain GMOs in Multi-Vita-Maxx.
Is Multi-Vita-Maxx organic? Multi-Vita-Maxx is not certified organic. However, each product and ingredient that is organic is listed as such on the label. 
Is Multi-Vita-Maxx Kosher? No, not certified kosher; however it does not contain any "non-kosher" animal foods.
Are there any preservatives in Multi-Vita-Maxx? No.
What is the specific amount/ratio per serving of each ingredient? We do not give information on individual quantities of ingredients in proprietary blends other than what is listed on the label.
Is the folic acid synthetic? There are no synthetic ingredients or preservatives in this product. All ingredients are fermented or enzyme activated, fully bioavailable, non-synthetic from food sources. No ingredients are added to our products other than what is listed on the label. The Multi-Vita-Max formulation derives its folate from natural sources such as Red Lettuce, Green Lettuce, Spinach, Kale, Purple Cabbage, and Broccoli.
I am curious about the amount of selenium in Mult-Vita-Maxx. We do apologize for the confusion. It is a typo that we will have fixed on our next printing. It should be mcg (micrograms)
What medium do you use to initiate the fermentation process? The microorganisms in the product are grown on proprietary mediums.
What is the capsule size? Narrow capsule shape. 7.85mm x 21.5mm
Why are some of the vitamins in Multi-Vita-Maxx in small doses compared to other synthetic multi-vitamins? Multi-Vita-Maxx uses fermented wholefood enzyme activated sources which means it will provide the dosages available from those food sources, not megadoses of any particular vitamin such as synthetic isolated vitamins. If you look at any other food-sourced vitamin you will find similar dosages.
What color should the content of the product be? The color will vary between batches as this is a natural product.
Are there probiotics in Multi-Vita-Maxx? Multi-Vita-Maxx does have probiotics in the formula but is not considered a probiotic supplement.